Oregon Spotted Frog. Photo: Isabelle Groc

The Precious Frog team consists of members across federal and provincial government, municipal government, universities, consultants, and non-profits.

Recovery programs are administered by our partners at the Fraser Valley Conservancy, the Vancouver Aquarium, and Wildlife Preservation Canada. All three organizations accept donations that can be dedicated to the Oregon Spotted Frog. Please see the ‘Donate’ sections of their web pages for more information.

– The Fraser Valley Conservancy delivers a large component of the recovery programming including habitat restoration, population monitoring, habitat assessment, and education and outreach. Donations to the FVC can go directly to the Precious Frog programming by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

– The Vancouver Aquarium and Wildlife Preservation Canada (through the Greater Vancouver Zoo) maintain frogs in captivity for conservation, research and translocation (re-introduction) efforts. Donations to these organizations support their recovery programs and may not go directly to Oregon Spotted Frog recovery.