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The Oregon Spotted Frog, Rana pretiosa (Precious Frog) is the most endangered amphibian species in Canada. Found only in British Columbia, this frog was listed as critically endangered under the federal Species at Risk Act and is red-listed in British Columbia. The species was thought to be extirpated from British Columbia, but was rediscovered in 1996 by local biologist Denis Knopp. It is the first species ever to be emergency-listed as an endangered species in Canada by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).

The Canadian Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Team (OSFRT), a diverse group of biologists and land managers, was formed in 1999 to prepare a Recovery Strategy for the species which was published in February 2012 by the Province, and adopted in 2016 by the Government of Canada. The Recovery Team coordinates efforts to assess, conserve, manage and recover Oregon Spotted Frogs in Canada.

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