Elementary school students raised money and came out to plant a newly restored wetland in Aldergrove Regional Park. Photo: Monica Pearson.

Private citizens volunteering their time, effort, and often their professional expertise contribute immeasurably to the program. Many of our paid staff and contractors started out volunteering with the program, and most continue to provide time at reduced rates as well as contributing their own unpaid hours and materials to the recovery of the Oregon Spotted Frog.

ALL of our volunteers deserve special mention, but we’d like to thank a few people in particular.

Andrew S. Wright and Isabelle Groc have contributed their photographic expertise, capturing moments in the lives of frogs and researchers in cold, wet, muddy conditions. We thank them both for their beautiful images.

Holberg Farm in Agassiz has provided our researchers with a home in the heart of the community where frogs live. They have provided shelter, tools, farm equipment and hours of manpower to research and habitat restoration.