Monica Pearson

Monica Pearson paddling in the wetlands (Photo: Isabelle Groc)

Aleesha Switzer holding an Oregon Spotted Frog.

Natasha Wilbrink releasing juvenile Oregon Spotted Frogs.

The Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Team includes members from the Fraser Valley Conservancy, BC Conservation Foundation, and Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition.

Featured Members

Monica Pearson

Monica Pearson is a conservation biologist and the owner of Balance Ecological, an environmental consulting firm that focuses on practical conservation including research, planning and implementation of endangered species and habitat recovery projects. While much of this work focuses on endangered amphibians, wetland restoration projects also improve habitat for bugs, fishes, birds, mammals and humans. Monica is the lead on our habitat restoration programs and manages the Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Habitat Stewardship Program that supports restoration, outreach, stewardship and habitat monitoring goals of the Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Strategy.

Monica also serves on the board of the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition to improve watershed health through stewardship outreach and active restoration. Her interests lie in restoring relationships between humans, wildlife and the environment on which they both depend. We partner with the FVWC to implement habitat restoration programs in the eastern Fraser Valley.

Aleesha Switzer

Aleesha Switzer is a biologist with the Fraser Valley Conservancy. She started working with Oregon Spotted Frogs in 2009 while pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of the Fraser Valley. Aleesha has spent most of her life in the Fraser Valley and continues to find new things to learn about it every day. Since she started with the FVC in 2014, she has spent many hours in wetlands and ditches searching for and studying local amphibians.

She is very passionate about her work with species at risk and loves to share her enthusiasm with others. Whether she is hunting for Bullfrogs, setting traps in a ditch, or leading a tour of a wetland, you can bet she has a smile on her face.

Natasha Wilbrink

Natasha is a restoration technician with the Fraser Valley Conservancy where she is responsible for all sorts of froggy work as well as creating new wetland habitat within the Fraser Valley. Before starting with the FVC, Natasha worked on many projects involving aquatic invasive species across the province. She has also worked for UNBC, BC Ministry of Environment and the Quesnel River Research Center. Natasha is passionate about restoration work and creating habitat opportunities in an urban environment. She loves getting out into the wetlands traipsing after frogs and learning about amphibians. She is very excited to have joined the Precious Frog team and to be back in the Fraser Valley!