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Andrea Gielens holding a Western Painted Turtle. Photo: Isabelle Groc

The Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Team include members from the Greater Vancouver Zoo and the Vancouver Aquarium.

Featured members

Andrea Gielens

Andrea Gielens has a Bachelors degree in zoology and animal behaviour and a Masters degree in Environmental Management.  She has worked both in Canada and Europe, at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, with captive breeding, augmentation and in situ conservation programs for many species of amphibians and chelonians.  She has worked extensively with both the Oregon Spotted frog Recovery Team (since 2006) as well as the Western Painted Turtle Recovery team (since 2010) both in the field and with the augmentation and population recovery programs for both species. In 2016, Andrea has started a new captive breeding program for the endangered Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly. She enjoys working on multi species wetland conservation initiatives including restoration, augmentation, and monitoring.