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And that’s a wrap!

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Our Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR) program is finished for another year.

We are continuing to survey for new Oregon Spotted Frog egg masses and monitor the egg masses that we have already found, but all our trapping is now complete. This year the frogs bred later than expected because of all the freezing weather we had in February. In Washington, the frogs started breeding the earlier than any year on record! It is amazing to think of how different weather patterns and habitats can be for our neighbors.

We found all sorts of interesting things in our traps this year including Northwestern Salamanders, Rough-Skinned Newts, Northern Red-Legged Frogs, and of course our favourite, Oregon Spotted Frogs! We also found a variety of invertebrates like Giant Water Bugs, Back Swimmers, and leeches. Our wetlands are also home to fish. We find species including Three-Spined Stickleback, Northern Pikeminnow, and a variety of little salmonids.

Up next for us here at Precious Frog is trap cleaning, analysis, and reporting. Using the information that we gathered through our CMR program we can come up with estimates for how our frog populations are doing this year. We can then compare it to previous years to look at population trends. This will allow us to see if conservation efforts are having a positive effect on the frogs.