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Only a few days left to buy art for amphibian conservation

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Only 10 days left to visit the Precious Frogs art exhibition at Science World. The exhibition closes on December 15, 2017.

French poet Anatole France once said “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This statement could also apply to art that engages us to experience and appreciate the world around us in a unique and intimate way. Artists appeal to our hearts, awaken our souls, and can play an important role in inspiring people to take action to protect the natural world

For the Precious Frogs art exhibition, artists from from all over Canada and the United States — BC, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, North and South Carolina, Alaska — have contributed 100 pieces to celebrate art, amphibians, and art for amphibian conservation.

When you visit the Precious Frogs art exhibition, let  your soul be awakened to the plight and beautiful of the little precious amphibians we are working so hard to conserve. And consider purchasing a piece of art to contribute to the efforts of the Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Team and the Amphibian Survival Alliance to save amphibians in British Columbia and around the world.

To buy a piece, participate in the Precious Frog online sealed bid auction.  You have until Sunday, December 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time to place your bid.