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Make a fashion statement for conservation: buy a Precious Frog t-shirt!

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It is March, and to celebrate the breeding season in style, we are launching a Precious Frog t-shirt sale campaign. With Spring just around the corner, Oregon Spotted Frogs are now officially out of their wintering spots and actively laying eggs. Spring is also the perfect time to reconsider your wardrobe and to think about adding a Precious Frog t-shirt to your collection.

Why get a Precious Frog t-shirt now?

First the shirts are very unique, featuring the Precious Frog logo developed by Vancouver designer Samantha Welsh. The logo celebrates the beautiful golden eye of the Oregon Spotted Frog, and when you buy a t-shirt, you will be supporting the creativity of local, BC artists.

Second, you can be sure people will be asking you about the t-shirt that you are wearing and that they haven’t seen before. While your friends compliment you on your great fashion taste, you can take the opportunity to tell them that you purchased the t-shirt in support of the efforts to recover the Oregon Spotted Frog, the most endangered amphibian in Canada, so showcase your good-minded style, and buy today!

Third, as the breeding season unfolds and if you are ever thinking of joining us as volunteer, observer, or participant in our various field trips, restoration efforts, and field research days alongside the biologists who are once again this  year working in the wetlands of the Fraser Valley to count the spotties, learn more about their behaviour, and restore habitat, the Precious t-shirt can proudly become part of your field uniform.

How do I get my Precious Frog t-shirt?

All you need to do is to head over to the Bonfire website  to pick up your very own piece of Precious Frog fashion and help support our work recovering the Oregon Spotted Frog. Please note that the prices are in US Dollars. Consider sharing orders to save on shipping cost. The campaign ends on March 19, so not much time is left!

How we will use the funds raised from the t-shirt sale?

The proceeds will directly fund our outreach program to increase the profile of Oregon Spotted Frog in the broader community. We specifically will allocate the resources to bringing school groups on field trips to wetlands and grow our educational program. We have helped develop a new curriculum on BC’s amphibians at risk for secondary schools, which includes a strong emphasis on field trips.

The cost of transporting kids by bus to sites is the biggest barrier to field trips, and our fundraising efforts such as t-shirt sales help us bring more school groups out to wetlands. Many kids have never held frogs in their hands, and this is an opportunity to get them out to experience our beautiful wetlands and make a difference for the long-term conservation of our amphibians and their habitats.