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New Restoration Resources online!

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We have just added a whole new set of resources to our website! We do a lot of habitat restoration, and we write a lot of reports about it, but until now they have only been seen by those who have asked us directly, or to whom they were submitted.

Our goals in restoration are also to educate and inspire. We have decided to make the design and reporting documents available to all via the world wide web. Please be kind – we’re letting it all hang out there so that others can learn from our experiences, including our mistakes! We’re improving over time.

Some of the text is redacted for privacy, or because we don’t want to give away answers to students who are currently working on designs (Sorry students. If you’re not a student, contact monica@balance-ecological.com for non-redacted versions).

Check out our new page about the giant Gordon’s Brook Wetland project, and our new Restoration Resources page, too.colour_contours-fullsize-989x1280